Drugs & Alcohol Policy

LR Hotshots is committed to implementing and monitoring an Alcohol and other Drug (AoD) system. LR Hotshots has a ZERO tolerance to alcohol and drugs in our workplace. Individuals that choose to work under the influence of alcohol and other drugs pose a considerable risk to the safety of themselves, the public and their fellow work mates.

Anyone on site found to be in possession or consuming alcohol or illegal drugs or working under the influence of alcohol and other drugs will be required to leave the workplace and may have their employment terminated.

The aim of this policy is to ensure that LR Hotshots and its employees conform to legislative requirements and to ensure the provision of a safe workplace for all staff.

Senior Management
Senior management is accountable for ensuring the effective operation of the AoD

Programme in their areas of responsibility so as to ensure that all LR Hotshots all employees and Sub Contractors understand and support the LR Hotshots AoD policy and understand the standard AoD procedures for testing and that adequate resources are provided to monitor conformance with the policy.

Supervisors are accountable for ensuring that all Employees and Sub Contractors are aware of and comply with the provisions of the LR Hotshots AoD policy. They are also responsible for assessing the fitness for work of employees and Sub Contractors under their control and taking prompt and appropriate action to address declining safety as a result of alcohol or drug misuse.

Employees, Sub-Contractor and Contractors
All LR Hotshots Employees and Sub-contractors are accountable for ensuring that they are not in an unfit state for any reason and are required to raise any concerns about their own and/or another persons’ fitness for work; and notifying their supervisor/manager of any situation in which this policy may have been breached, including;

Unauthorised possession or consumption of alcohol or drugs on site or during work;

Failure to provide details to their supervisor or manager of prescription medication and associated limitations to carry out normal duties (medical confidentiality will be strictly maintained).

LR Hotshots conducts alcohol self-breath testing, pre-employment testing, regular random testing and for cause testing.

For further information refer to LR Hotshots Testable Drugs Information Sheet your Supervisor and or Manager.