Environmental Policy

LR Hotshots recognises its environmental responsibilities to present and future generations and Indigenous Australians.

In developing and preserving its business operations, LR Hotshots is dedicated to instigating, preserving and unremittingly refining an environmental management system which endeavours to:

  1. Recognize, inhibit, control and minimise adverse environmental impacts associated with its transport operations.
  2. Conform with relevant environmental legislation and regulatory requirements and make every effort for best practicable techniques
  3. In discussion with federal, state and local government authorities and the public, establish environmental goals and objectives to control hostile environmental effects as well as manage pollution arising from our undertakings
  4. Conscientiously manage the use of resources and waste generation and disposal to limit the effect to the environment
  5. Constantly measure, observe, report and improve environmental performance of our goals and objectives
  6. Promote our obligation to the environment to all our interested parties together with personnel, clients, merchants, sub-contractors and public
  7. Encourage a sound consciousness, favourable assertiveness and behaviours to the environment amongst all personnel.

LR Hotshots Environmental Management Structure will guarantee the Business’s place as a frontrunner in environmental protection in the transport industry.