Safety Tip: Winter Road Safety

With winter well and truly upon us, here are a few tips for getting your vehicle ready to be safe on the road.

Inside the car:

  • Clean out the foot wells. Wet shoes can pick up papers and rubbish on the floor and can cause your foot to slip on the pedals or slip when getting in and out.
  • Check that the pedal rubbers have plenty of grip. They are cheap insurance to make sure that your wet feet stay on the pedals when you need them.
  • Check the operation of all controls. Does your heater and its booster fan work? What about the wipers and washers?
  • Replace all blown globes in interior lights and instrument panel.
  • Look for water marks in carpet and trim which can indicate a leaking heater core, blocked drain tubes or leaking screen seals.
  • Keep a damp synthetic chamois in a container ready to wipe the glass in an emergency. Wiping away mist with hands can leave streaks that attract more mist.

Under the bonnet:

  • Check all battery terminals for corrosion.
  • Clear away all leaves and debris that have collected around drain holes and ventilation ducts. A solution of baking soda in hot water and an old toothbrush is the quickest way of removing white and green fungus from the battery terminals.
  • Check the battery fluid levels. A hot summer will cause the level to drop below the plates which is ultimately fatal for the battery so make sure there is enough water.

Outside the car:

  • Check all your lights.
  • Check that the wiper blades have a smooth supple surface and that they are not pulling away from their backing frames waiting to scratch the windscreen.
  • Cleaning and polishing your car might seem pointless when everything is about to get wet and dirty but it provides an extra level of protection from the blast of grime and grit thrown up by the traffic.
  • Check that the drain holes in each door are not blocked and make sure that they are not holding water.
  • Check that all door and luggage compartment seals are not split or leaking.

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