Safety Tip: Transport Inspectors

Transport inspectors are a reality on our roads across Australia, which is why the highest safety standard is our minimum commitment, and we are full OHS compliant.

Transport Inspectors are highly trained employees of the Government – they play an important role in contributing to the safety of drivers and protecting the roads.

Transport Inspector powers
Transport Inspectors have broad powers relating to intercepting and examining vehicles, including heavy vehicles. They operate within strict guidelines and they can issue substantial on-the-spot fines for a range of offences. They can also report matters for court action.

What can Transport Inspectors do?
Transport Inspectors have the authority to:

  • Intercept all vehicles to carry out safety inspections, check registration and compulsory third party insurance and check load restraints
  • Check heavy vehicle drivers’ work diaries
  • Check passenger transport vehicles for drivers’ authorisation and operator accreditation.

Remember you are legally required to assist Transport Inspectors in performing their duties. You may be required to provide your name and address and produce identification such as a driver’s license or a passport. Transport Inspectors may also require access to your vehicle for safety checks.

The highest safety standard is our minimum commitment, and we are fully OHS compliant. Contact ustoday to talk about how our experience helps us to ensure that we can get your job delivered in time, without sacrificing safety.