How to carry a load safely:

  • Choose a suitable vehicle for your load.
  • Position and place the load so that it is secure.
  • Select suitable restraint equipment – it should be ‘rated’ and meet Australian Standards.
  • You may need to adjust your headlights when your vehicle is loaded.
  • Drive carefully and regularly check your restraints.

How to properly secure your load:

Different loads should be transported differently. There are general checks you can do, but the way you carry a load will depend on the load itself.

  • Bundle similar items together, in a more stable single unit.
  • Use restraints when packing wooden boards; anti-slip matting prevents items from sliding, especially long items.
  • Ropes can be difficult to keep tight across your load. When available use webbing straps as they can be more effective and are simple to use.
  • Nets and tarpaulins may be used to restrain lighter items.
  • Loose sheets of building materials may be restrained by fitting them tightly in trays, and then securing them properly with restraints.
  • Make sure heavy items are not loaded on top of lighter items.
  • Most headboards and loading racks aren’t strong enough to fully restrain heavy loads.
  • Use metal or heavy-duty plastic top corner protector angles to protect cartons.
  • High and narrow items such as stacks of smaller cartons usually need more than one restraint.
  • Fill spaces and gaps between piles with other items and make sure these are restrained as well

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