Safety Tip: Drugs & Alcohol

There are a range of drugs other than alcohol that affect driving performance, increase crash risk and negatively impact on road safety.

Studies have shown that drugs that are capable on impairing drivers skills have been found in a significant number of drivers who have been injured or killed on our roads.

The drugs of major concern from a road safety perspective are THC (the active ingredient in cannabis) and amphetamine type stimulants including methylamphetamine (‘Speed’ or ‘Ice) and MDMA (‘Ecstasy’).

All staff at LR Hotshots are subject to random drug and alcohol screening of a wide range of both prescription and recreational substances.

LR Hotshots is committed to road safety and the safety of all road users and has also implemented a policy where all staff must notify senior management of any change or commencement of prescription medication. This ensures that all side effects can be established and checked in accordance with ‘fitness for work’.

You can read LR Hotshots full Drug and Alcohol policy on our website.

The highest safety standard is our minimum commitment, and we are fully OHS compliant.Contact us today to talk about how our experience helps us to ensure that we can get your job delivered in time, without sacrificing safety.