Safety Tip: Driver Fatigue

Driver fatigue is a significant safety hazard for the road transport industry and its management is key to ensure the safety of all those on our roads.

Both employers and employees have a role to play in making sure any risks associated with fatigue are minimised.

One of the key mitigators of fatigue is to take breaks throughout the day. Worksafe requires that a commercial vehicle driver must have a 20 minute break from driving for every 5 hours of work time. The following activities provide a break from the task of driving:

  • It is a break from the physical task of driving of between 10 and 20 minutes.
  • It is a break of less than 30 minutes so the driver is still considered to be working.
  • The driver can be loading / unloading / refuelling / completing paperwork / checking the load restraints etc

Worksafe also provide commercial vehicle driver fatigue management training free of charge where you can complete a self assessment and receive a statement of results to share with your employer.

The highest safety standard is our minimum commitment, and we are fully OHS compliant. Contact ustoday to talk about how our experience helps us to ensure that we can get your job delivered in time, without sacrificing safety.